In the 35-55 age group, breast cancer is the number one cause of death among women. Often as part of the healing process of the disease or as part of its prevention, women are forced to undergo mastectomies. In some cases, it is not possible to perform a proper reconstruction of the breasts that leads many women to use special bras with space for prostheses. The prostheses come to replace the breast or serve as a means of completing symmetry between the breasts.

The bra I designed is for women who, despite the lack of their chest, want to feel sexy and not give up their femininity. In the bra design process, it is possible to focus on the appearance of the bra while providing solutions to the various problems in the braces and wearing a bra that includes a prosthesis. After the operation, the movement of the hands may be limited and therefore the bra has a clip to close in front.

As part of the process of matching the bra to a woman, she must also find the appropriate cap for her, which adds further difficulty to the process. I designed the bra cap so that it could be tailored to each woman exactly according to the bra she chose.